3 Years Zouk Dubai Anniversary

Celebrate with us 3 YEARS ZOUK DUBAI this Saturday, the 4th of February at Sports Tavern (Level M), Carlton Tower Hotel, Baniyas Street, Deira. We will have our regular Zouk beginners class at 8 pm and flash mob practice at 9 pm. Then we start a very special party with plenty of dancing games, fun and surprises. We will celebrate Nayan and Samantha, who work so hard to teach us this wonderful dance and spread the passion for Zouk across the entire region. Don’t miss this joyful and special occasion!


Zouk Flash Mob

Dear Zoukers,

another exciting project is coming up: Zouk Dubai is invited to do a flash mob at the 21st of Feb at a prestigious event happening in Dubai. We would like to invite all of our Zouk dancers who are interested in it to participate in the Flash Mob choreography. We will use our regular intermediate classes in Dubai to start training you for the choreography from 16th January onwards. Join our event on Facebook for regular updates: http://www.facebook.com/events/217793658308746/

Join us on Mondays 9-10 pm at Latino Life in Al Ghazal Mall (50 Dhs) or on Saturdays 9-10 pm at Sports Tavern in Carlton Tower Hotel in Deira (40 Dhs per class). We will train a routine for intermediate level, we will repeat the main parts and adding new moves every session. It is a great opportunity for you to go through all the moves we have taught you so far and imagine the amount of fun we gonna have in this group.

There will be plenty of opportunities to re-perform this flash mob as there is a huge demand in the region and a fun way for us to promote Zouk all over the place. Don’t be shy, everyone can do it!

We are looking forward to dance in sync with 30 people and more!

Master Classes with Kwok Wan from Amsterdam

Kwok Wan – one of the best instructors in Europe – will be in Dubai to conduct his extremely popular Master Classes. Kwok has developed a technique over the last 10 years which he calls the ”counter energy technique“. These principles give dancers the ability to synchronize, predict, or follow a partner by sheer feeling alone. During his workshops Kwok will be teaching techniques like finding your center, enhancing partner work, connection and stage presence. This is not only for Zoukers, any dancer will benefit from his sessions. Don’t miss it, his dance philosophy is inspiring many professionals around the world.


Zouk Dubai was able to get Kwok One to stop-over here on his way to Japan and offers 3 days with 2 hours workshop session each and we will have a weekend full of Zouk parties:

  • Thursday 10th Nov, 9-11 pm at Latino Life Musiccenter in Al Ghazal Mall www.latinolifedubai.com/ Corner of Diyafah/Al Wasl Road, Satwa afterwards social dancing till 1 am at the same place
  • Friday 11th Nov, 8-10 pm workshop at Dhow Palace Hotel, Kuwait Street, Bur Dubai www.dhowpalacedubai.com (SEA Meeting Room Level 1) afterwards Zouk & Latin Night at Queens/Quays Bar downstairs
  • Saturday 12th Nov, 8-10 pm workshop at Carlton Hotel, Baniyas Street, Deira www.carltontower.net at the Sports Tavern (Level 1) afterwards Zouk Party & Ladies Night in the same bar

These workshops are open to all levels from beginners to professionals, there is something in to learn for everyone >> find your center >> connect to yourself >> connect to your partner >> become a great dancer


Workshop Fees:

Normal price 195 AED in collaboration with Zouk Dubai this event will be offered for a special price of 120 AED/person per workshop session (2 hours). All 3 sessions (total 6 hours) for a package price of 320 AED/person!

Make sure you don’t miss this opportunity to grow !!! “We can not become what we want to be by remaining what we are”


For registration send an email to tickets@zouk-me.com or go to our online shop at http://shop.zouk-dubai.com/ Workshop spaces are limited so please register in advance.

Mission Statement

“We instruct our students using clear and simple teaching methods in a social and friendly environment. Our knowledge is taken first-hand from internationally renowned trainers. We are personal and approachable and aim to produce high level dancers through our classes, private lessons and workshops to promote the growth of the Zouk community in the Middle East.”

Vision Statement

“We want to be the leader in growing a lasting Zouk Community in Dubai and the Middle East. We teach internationally and bring teachers from all over the world to develop our students into well rounded dancers on a global stage.”

Zouk Dubai Logo by Richard Villones.

Berlin Zouk Congress 2011

Zouk Dubai Founders Samantha & Nayan performed their latest Zouk show for the first time in Europe at the 2nd International Zouk Congress in Berlin from 2nd  to 5th of June 2011 and gave a workshop as well. This was a milestone in promoting Zouk Dubai internationally as many dancers in Europe only then got to know that there is such a big Zouk community existing in Dubai.

Nayan and Sam impressed with their teaching and dancing skills and established closed ties with the main Zouk Organizers across Europe and were invited to perform at the Amsterdam Zouk Congress in August as well. We will encourage our students to get international exposure and join us at Zouk Congresses in Europe and elsewhere and in the world and in return invite the Zouk dancers from abroad to attend our upcoming Zouk Festivals in the Middle East.

Watch a Zouk Demo by Samantha & Nayan at the Berlin Zouk Congress:

3rd Abu Dhabi Salsa Festival 2011

The 3rd Abu Dhabi Salsa Festival from 28th to 30th of April 2011 will be held at the Luxurious Yas Island Rotana Hotel and Etoiles club at the 7 Star Emirates Palace. Three nights of spectacular dance shows and amazing dance parties. More than 20 workshops over 2 days will be held for all levels and various dance styles such as Salsa, Bachata, Samba, Cha Cha Cha and of course Zouk-Lambada. The Zouk Dubai Team will be there and offer a Zouk workshop and Sam & Nayan are going to perform a Zouk show. We offer a special rate for the full pass of 390 Dhs only to our students, please contact Sam as soon as possible as prices are going up and our contingency is limited (offer valid till 20th April). Also you need to book your hotel room, you can choose to stay in the 3 or the 4 star tower or any of the neighboring hotels. Rotana offers double rooms from 400 Dhs onwards inclusive of service charge / taxes as well as breakfast, check out the Festival Website for details. See you in there!

DubaiOne TV crew films our class

On Monday the 11th of October the TV crew from DubaiOne filmed our Zouk class at The Shelter for their Out & About show (Season 5 – Episode 12). The presenter Punam Verma learned her first Zouk steps and Erika and Dorsai were interviewed about their passion for dancing Zouk. The crew took plenty of shots from our beginners class and some free-style dancing, so we are very happy about the outcome. It was broadcasted at DubaiOne TV channel on Wednesday the 15th of December at 19:30 and is available for online viewing as well (Zouk is starting at 9 min into the video).

Visiting Instructors: Alisson & Audrey

Profile: Alisson Rodrigues Sandi & Audrey Isautier

Alisson hails from Brazil, São Paulo. His arrival into Perth, Australia has blown the top off the Latin dance world in Perth. He has made himself an integral part of the Juan Rando Dance Academy as the main Brazilian dance instructor where he teaches Brazilian zouk, samba de gafieira, Argentine tango, salsa, forró and axé. Alisson is also qualified in Salsa on1 and on2, bolero, tango, soltinho, West Coast swing, cha cha and more. Having taught a variety of these styles in Brazil and performed them around the world he is a great asset to the dance studio in Perth.

After just one year of arriving in Perth he travelled and performed at the Sydney Salsa Congress 2008/2009/2010 and at the Malaysian Salsa Festival 2008/2009 along with competing at the Australian Salsa Classics 2008 as the representative from Western Australia. He has taught in Singapore and Malaysia introducing zouk into the community in 2008 and 2009, which turned out to be a highly unexpected success! Thus bringing him back to Singapore and Malaysia and other countries throughout Asia many times since to teach both zouk and introduce samba de gafieira.

2009 brought many new adventures for Alisson. He was invited to perform zouk at the Sydney Salsa Congress 2009 and to choreograph and perform a zouk item for the Australian Dance Festival 2009. His talent has taken him to the 2nd Annual International Brisbane Salsa and Brazilian Dance Congress (2009) to teach and perform with his partner and his zouk group. Alisson then spent 2 months in Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand teaching, performing and choreographing. While in Singapore, Alisson choreographed the first zouk team in Singapore (for Two-Left Feet School). In 2010 Alisson was also invited to teach, perform with Audrey Isautier (from Reunion, now based in Australia) and DJ for the Brazil Central Congress 2010 which is the biggest brazilian dance congress in Australia and around.


Alisson has created Brazuka, the Brazillian wing which he heads for Juan Rando Dance Academy. He is an aspiring and ambitious man with a forward view towards making the Brazillian Rhythms a huge success everywhere he goes.


Alisson & Audrey in Dubai

This week, Alisson Rodrigues Sandi, a Brazilian dance instructor from Brazil/Australia will be visiting Dubai to offer workshops and private lessons. Some of you may remember him from his last visit in December 2009. This year he will be joined by his partner Audrey Isautier from Reunion/Australia to offer the ladies more technique and styling. They are renowned as one of the best teachers and dancers of Zouk, so use this unique opportunity to learn from them. Click HERE to view Alisson’s profile. This is a show they did earlier this year:

Here are the details for the workshops:

1. Workshop: Open Class on Mon 8th Nov 8-10 pm
This workshop is for all levels and will cover technique as well as a variety of moves.

2. Workshop: Dips and Tricks on Thurs 11th Nov 8-10 pm
This workshop is about styling, dips and drops and is suitable for all students, who are well-grounded in their basics.

3. Wokshop: Cool Moves on Fri 12th 8-10 pm
This workshop will cover more intermediate moves and combinations and is recommended for students Level 2/3 and above.

Price: 200 AED per person per workshop.

Booking: Advanced booking is required, because there is only limited space. We will sell tickets after our Sunday classes in Savage Garden or you may call Sam on her mobile 050-2806362 or send her an email to sam@zouk-dubai.com. The location of the workshops will be told to attendees at a later date (it will be on Sheikh Zayed Road).

Private classes: It is possible to book private classes with Alisson or Audrey or both of them. Please book through Sam as mentioned above.

Some like it hot

On Wednesday 8th of September this article about our Zouk classes in Abu Dhabi was published at ABU DHABI WEEK:

What’s the deal?

Zouk is a provocative Caribbean/Brazilian dance style that originated in the 1980s and has since scorched its way across the globe. It’s the ever evolving anti-ballroom couple’s dance, not as popular as Salsa, but certainly a strong contender. In fact, one of the few things that Zouk Lambada (the Brazilian form we’ve chosen to explore) has in common with Salsa is the 1-3-4 time signature that comes with it, so don’t make the mistake of mentioning Salsa in instructor Sam’s class. “Salsa moves are strictly forbidden,” she warns jokingly.
Zouk means ‘party’ in its native Antillean French Creole, and with all the saucy body ripples and drops we learnt, we surely see the link. Joined at the hip, the only thing we and our partner were missing was the steamy setting of a tiny club in Rio.

That, and the beat. Zouk is hard – a little harder for men, as they lead your movements with the palm of their right hand resting on your back. Women simply maintain a ‘good Latin look’ while fitting the frame of their partner’s arm and following his lead. That is, until diamond formations and 90 degree turns figure into the already tricky equation.

Why go?

After a few toe-stepping trials, we learnt the hard – but rewarding – way that focusing on your partner’s chest area instead of your feet makes a world (or whirl) of difference. By class end, we were queuing up to take home a sample of Sam’s modern Zouk playlist.

And why not?

You end up in quite a few intimate situations that for some may be a little too close for comfort, especially if paired with a stranger. Eventually, though, muscles and nerves surrender as the music flows through you.

What? Zouk Lambada
Where? One to One Hotel Fitness Centre
When: Thursdays from 8.30pm
Cost: AED 35 for members, AED 40 otherwise
Why? For its addictive beats and passionate grooves
Why not? It may be too hot to handle for some. Walk in with re-inforcements (a partner you’re comfortable with)
We say: Prepare to get your body rocked
Contact: 050 280 6362

Love the Lambada

On 2nd of August 2010 a short article about our Zouk classes at The Shelter were published at 7 DAYS newspaper under Metrolife – Going out :

Well, the article was published without us knowing in advance… so we don’t know where they took these pictures from and who told them that it is “typically danced to Arabic or RnB music” :-) But what to expect from 7 days newspaper anyway…

Visiting Zouk instructor Kwok Wan from the Netherlands

Zouk instructor Kwok Wan from the Netherlands is visiting Dubai from Sunday the 2nd of May till Wednesday the 5th of May. He will conduct our regular Sunday class with Sam for the normal price of 40 Dhs and focus on the partner work and his unique counter technique of resistance and balance. You can see some of his work on youtube.com:

There will be an additional workshop on Tuesday the 4th of May in the conference hall at Capitol Hotel (above Savage Garden) from 9 pm to 10:30 pm for a fee of 75 Dhs per person. Take this opportunity to improve your leading and following and learn from an international instructor. We are looking forward to see you all at the workshop and we are thanking Kwok for dedicating his holidays to foster Zouk in Dubai.

Zouk at the 2nd Abu Dhabi Salsa Festival

The 2nd Abu Dhabi Salsa Festival 2010 will be held at the Luxurious Yas Island Rotana Hotel and Etoiles club at the 7 Star Emirates Palace from Thursday the 22nd till Saturday the 24th of April 2010.
3 nights of spectacular dance shows and massive dance parties. More than 20 workshops over 2 days will be held for all levels, dancers and non dancers are welcome to watch, learn and dance.

The Zouk Highlights of this venue:

  • Nayan & Karen will perform a Zouk show on Thursday night in Yas Island Rotana Hotel.
  • On Friday morning from 10:15 am to 11:15 am Nayan and Sam will conduct a Zouk Workshop in Room 1 at Pearl Ballroom.
  • Sam & Dorsai will perform a Zouk show on Saturday night at Etoilles, Emirates Palace.

Zouk Lambada Workshop by Adilio Porto

Dear Abu Dhabi,

here we come get ready :)

Our visiting Brazilian artist Adilio Porto will conduct a Zouk Lambada workshop at Cinnabar, Hilton Hotel, Abu Dhabi this coming Saturday from 8-10 pm following which there will be a Zouk & Salsa night till midnight.

Adilio has dedicated his life for Zouk Lambada and he played a huge role in creating this beautiful art.
See the master in action http://www.facebook.com/l/41b0a;www.youtube.com/watch?v=D5gutNZjQ5c

It will cost you just 60 Dhs for 2 hours. This is a promotional price as the whole idea being introducing this dance and creating a Zouk community in Abu Dhabi.We hope to see you there.

Saturday, 13 March 2010
20:00 – 22:00
Cinnabar, Hilton Hotel, Abu Dhabi


Zouk Dance Abu Dhabi & Latin Dance Abu Dhabi (LDAD)

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Katharina Albert contact-mail Website, Mailing list


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What is Zouk?

Zouk-Lambada (also called Lambada-Zouk or Brazilian Zouk) is a group of closely related dance styles based on or evolved from the lambada dance style and is typically danced to zouk music or other music containing the zouk beat. The name Brazilian Zouk is used to distinguish the dance from the Caribbean Zouk dance style, which is not related to the Lambada dance style. The two dominant styles of Zouk-Lambada are the Porto-Seguro style and the Rio-style. The word Lambazouk is often used to refer exclusively to one or the other style depending on the region you live. The word Lambazouk was originally used to refer to the dance style developed by Daniel and Leticia Estévez López. The Zouk-Lambada dancing styles are among the most popular non-ballroom dances for couples in Brazil.

Rio-style Zouk (also called Carioca Lambada meaning Rio-style Lambada), was first developed in Rio de Janeiro. It is mainly danced in Brazil (Rio and Brasilia), Australia, The Netherlands, Spain and some other European countries. It uses a modified, slower, smoother, even more sensual version of the lambada.

The Brazilian zouk dance style was first developed in the Ilha Dos Pescadores in Rio de Janeiro around 1989.

Unlike salsa, which is led with the hands; Brazilian zouk is led by more parts of the body, noticeably the glued-to-each-other hips of the partners. Thus, in a basic sideways movement, it is the hips that move first, followed by the rest of the body, and this is part of what makes the dance so sensual. However, in various moves the dance partners are also connected by eye contact, legs, arms, shoulders, head, etc.

When practicing zouk in dance classes, teachers generally warn women to be very careful with their backs and necks, as two of the most distinctive and commented-on movements are the cambré (arching backwards to a greater or lesser degree, sometimes even below the waist) and the specific ‘hair movements’ or ‘head movements’ for the woman. If not done properly this could lead to injury.

As of today Brazilian zouk is becoming well known and apart from the faster original style Lambada (Porto Seguro style) and the latter development Brazilian zouk.

The most wide-spread style of Zouk-Lambada is the Porto Seguro-style. It is mainly danced in North-East Brazil (Porto Seguro), Argentina, Spain and the UK. The Porto-Seguro style is closer to the original Lambada style than the Rio-style zouk, because, just like the Lambada:

  • up-tempo music, is used,
  • the whip-like movement of the body is central to the dance,
  • the 1,2,3=”quick-quick-slow” counting is used.

One way in which the present Porto-Seguro style differs from the the original Kaoma-like Lambada style, is that the wiggling shoulder movements (also sometimes seen in Cuban-style salsa) have disappeared. Instead the shoulders are kept fixed while the hips are moving.

The Porto Seguro-style differs from the Rio-style in the way the steps are performed on the music. To put it simple, Rio-style zouk is danced on the dominant beat (1,2,3=”slow-quick-quick”), while Porto Seguro-style is danced on the small beats (1,2,3=”quick-quick-slow”). In general the Porto Seguro-style is more suitable for fast tempo music, while Rio style zouk is more suitable for slow tempo music. It is also very common practice to switch fluently between these dancing styles during a single Zouk music song.