Season Opening on 19th July

Eid Mubarak everyone! We are back this Sunday after the summer break… Join us for the dance classes at 8:30 pm and at 9:30 pm we are starting to train the world-wide Zouk flashmob routine for the next 2 months. This a great opportunity to quickly progress through the most important techniques and learn nice routines for social dancing. See you on Sunday at La Porte des Indes!

Ultimate Therapy by Dr. Zouk

Zouk and Kizomba music lovers in the Middle East and around the world awaited the release of Dr. Zouk’s first album. It contains 20 of his best tracks.

Dr Zouk - Ultimate Therapy - Cover

You can buy this album online now via PayPal. In case you cannot setup a PayPal account in your country drop us an email to and we will send you the details for a bank transfer. You will receive a link to download the full album.

Follow DR ZOUK on social media and stay up to date with his newest releases:

About Zouk Dubai

Zouk Dubai was founded at the end of 2008 by Nayan de Abrew and his dance partner Samantha Ho. They introduced Zouk to the Middle East and started teaching regular classes in Dubai in 2009. Since 2010 they had started to perform at regional and international Salsa & Zouk Dance Festivals, such as Oman, Abu Dhabi, Berlin, Amsterdam, Mataró, Prague and Saint Petersburg. Samantha left Dubai in 2013, then Nayan and his team continued promoting this sensual dance style and are now organizing parties together with the Kizomba community.

Founder & Head Instructor: Nayan de Abrew

Nayan comes with a professional martial arts background. He started learnng Karate when he was 15 years old. He was the Under-19 National Champion in Karate (Fighting) 1998 in Sri Lanka and won the Gold Medal in a Common Wealth Karate Championships representing his country. He started learning Latin dances in 2005 and because of his martial arts back ground Nayan found it was much easier to adapt to his new found passion.
Nayan started learning Zouk Lambada in 2008 with Larissa Thayane and Kadu Pires. Later he spent hours mastering this amazing dance with the best Zouk instructors in the word such as Alisson Rodrigues Sandi, Adilio Porto, Freddy and Andressa, Clinton Lacerda and Kamacho from Brazil.


Nayan introduced Zouk to Dubai in early 2009. Since then he has performed Zouk Lambada and conducted many Zouk workshops in the Middle East, Asia, U.S.A and Europe. Nayan has performed and conducted workshops at the Berlin International Zouk Congress, Amsterdam Zouk Congress, Prague International Zouk Congress, Zouk Devils Summer Weekend in Spain and the Salsa Festivals in U.A.E and Oman.

Contact details:

mobile +971 50 2705047
fb Nayan on Facebook


Nayan’s Dance Partner: Kristina

Kristina started dancing Salsa and Kizomba and then fell in love with Zouk. She did a one year intensive training with Nayan to learn the Zouk techniques as well as taking private classes from instructors in Rio de Janeiro. Nayan and Kristina prepared a new show together in 2016. She is accompanying him at regional and international Zouk congresses to assist in workshops and perform with him.


Instructor & Website Admin: Kathe

Katharina came to Dubai in 2006 and started dancing Salsa and Bachata. When Nayan and Sam started Zouk, she immediately got converted and learned with them as well as from visiting instructors such as Alisson, Adilio, Freddy & Andressa. Kathe was assisting in the regular classes and helped organizing events. She has set-up and maintaining the Zouk Dubai and Zouk ME websites, sending reminders on mailing lists and social networks, creating marketing material and does video editing.

Kathe performed in several Zouk Dubai flashmobs (BBC Good Food Awards, Banking Event, Mondelez, IZFM 2012 & 2013). She visited many international Zouk festivals since 2011 (Amsterdam, Berlin, Prag, St.Petersburg, Mataro, Dresden) as well as being the Zouk ME group organizer for regional festivals in Abu Dhabi, Oman and Fujairah. Besides teaching the regular courses in Dubai, she is also assisting in teaching private classes with Nayan.


Contact details:

mobile upon request
fb Kathe on Facebook


Good to know

For those joining us for the first time, here a few advises beforehand:

Zouk is a modern couple dance and great to meet new people and make friends. In the dance community we follow an etiquette of approaching each other with respect. If you are just on the lookout to meet girls, this is probably not the right environment for you. If you are seriously interested to learn and enjoy dancing, then you are most welcome to join us.

Few things you may want to know before joining your first dance class:

  • Please come 10-15 mins early to register and pay for the class and don’t miss the start of the class, as we teach very important things right from the beginning. We also do a warm up and stretching, which is essential to maintain flexibility and avoid injuries.
  • Wear comfortable shoes, e.g. Latin/Ballroom or Jazz dance shoes, but you don’t need to buy special dance shoes for the first few classes. For men the shoes should have a flexible and no sticky rubber sole. For ladies we suggest flat or low heel and smooth sole easy to turn in.
    shoes  shoe  jazz  salsa_sneaker  shoe2
  • Please come freshly showered and in fresh clothes, keep chewing gums and deo/perfume with you. It’s a couple dance and we all appreciate that everyone follows a good personal hygiene.
 Best-Deodorant-For-Men  Perfume-Copy  freshbreath
  • You do not need to bring a partner, but you can. We always rotate dance partners during the class, so you can improve your leading/following. If you do come with your partner and do not wish to swap, we respect this as well, just let us know.
  • Please do not bring your own drinks/water with you. As we teach in clubs only, we encourage a minimum spent of 50 AED/person/night and to buy their beverages from the bar.

If you follow the above, you will surely have great fun and progress quickly in your dancing. We are looking forward to see you!

3rd Middle East Zouk & Latin Festival

Since 2009 Zouk has been an integral part of all the regional dance festivals, Zouk Dubai was giving workshops and performed as couples as well as a team performance. In 2011 we organized our first 1 day event in Dubai with international Zouk artists and local dance instructors teaching Salsa, Kizomba and Tango as well. It was so successful, that in 2012 we expanded to a full-grown 3 days congress at Hilton Ras Al Khaimah. We had many international attendees mainly from Europe and Russia visiting us for a week, who besides the dancing enjoyed sightseeing and a diving trip to Musandam as well.


In 2013 we aim even higher and refined our concept, the festival will spread over an entire week and the whole UAE. The welcome and closing party on Tuesdays at Noche Bar, Hilton Capital Grand Abu Dhabi. The pre- and after-party on Wednesday and Sunday will be held at Savage Garden, Capitol Hotel in Dubai. On Thursday we will check-in at Hilton Ras Al Khaimah Hotel and visit the Al Hamra Fort & Beach Resort for an amazing beach party with water sports, live BBQ cooking stations, lounge tents with shisha and dance workshops at La Chalet Beach Restaurant. After 10 pm international DJ’s will play the hottest Zouk & Latin tunes for us to dance till early morning. On Friday and Saturday there will be intensive dance workshops, each 90 minutes long, from 11 am till late afternoon. Classes will be conducted in 3 rooms parallel each dedicated to one level from beginners to advanced. We have 15 amazing international artists and DJ’s from Brazil and Europe as well as all our regional Zouk instructors and DJ’s from Oman and the UAE.

Thursday and Friday night parties will feature some amazing dance shows as well as special themes on how to dress up. This year for the first time we also offer a dedicated Salsa floor with 3 of Dubai’s best Salsa DJ’s. On Saturday evening we plan to visit a desert camp for camel riding, henna painting etc. and finish with a special Arabian themed dance night back at Hilton ballroom till the morning hours. Due to the amazing feedback from many dancers and other organizers, we have already 30% registrations from Europe and the rest of the world, and 20% from other GCC countries making it a truly international dance festival to meet new people and make new friends that share the same passion for dance.

All details at www. Secure your full pass before 1st November for special price!

Join the 2nd Zouk & Latin Festival

Zouk Dubai is organizing a major international dance festival – the 2nd Zouk & Latin Festival at Hilton Ras Al Khaimah Hotel from Thursday the 22nd to Saturday the 24th of November 2012. This event features:

  • The world’s best Zouk dancers Kadu & Larissa from Australia
  • 20+ international instructors from Brazil, Europe, Russia and the UAE
  • Another highlight will be the dance competition and shoe fashion show
  • Stalls selling dance shoes, Zumba fitness wear and dance fashion
  • Get discounted tickets for upcoming Latin Festivals or win a free pass
  • 3 days with more than 40 dance workshops for all skill levels
  • Zouk (various styles), Salsa (on 1 and on 2), Kizomba, Bachata, Zumba, Samba de Gafiera, Ragga Dance Hall, Kuduro, Belly Dance, Lifts & Tricks, Bachatango, Reggeaton, Tango Zouk & more
  • 3 hours intensive Zouk course for beginners or Fast Track for Salseros
  • Private classes with our international instructors upon request
  • Live concert by famous R’n’B singer Aminu Idris on Thursday night
  • Watch amazing professional dance shows on Thursday & Friday
  • International DJ’s will heat-up the floor on 3 nights with theme parties
  • We play the best Latin mix (60% Zouk/Kizomba, 40% Salsa/Bachata)
  • Beach fun & games on Saturday followed by roof-top pool party  at DoubleTree Hotel with AquaZumba & Brazilian Samba Jam Session
  • No confusion, fantastic organization, all information online
  • Don’t miss this amazing event, be part of it!

For more details and videos visit:
Tickets available at

Get a 50 AED discount on the full pass by buying your ticket at any of our dance classes!! Amazing Hotel deals are still available, don’t wait too long! Check out City Hotel (1 km away from Hilton) for 220 AED per double room per night including taxes, breakfast and free WIFI! We also offer an optional Dive/Snorkeling trip to Musandam with our international guests on Monday the 26th of November, register now!

International Zouk Flash Mob Day

On16th September the world will dance as one, a fantastic idea spread from Perth Australia to the last corner in the world and thousands of people got involved through social media and trained a choreography that will be danced on one day in more than 95 cities and 35 countries to promote this beautiful and sensual dance. Zouk Dubai has been training and recruiting new dancers to be part of this initiative. More information on the official website:



2nd Zouk & Latin Festival


After our very successful first Zouk & Latin Fiesta, we aim higher this year to bring you a full weekend of Zouk with the 2nd ZOUK & LATIN FESTIVAL by Zouk Dubai. This year the event till take place on the weekend from the 22-24th November 2012 at the Hilton Ras al Khaimah Hotel. We have already international Zouk instructors and DJ’s confirmed from Spain, Germany, Netherlands and Czech Republic.

Check our festival website for more info:

Join our Facebook event and let your friends know you are attending:

Your Zouk Dubai Team

Prague Zouk Congress

Nayan and Samantha were invited to teach and perform at the Prague Zouk Congress at one of the world’s best Zouk events with many famous instructors attending from Brazil, Europe and Australia. Nayan and Samantha will give two workshops on Thursday and Friday and for the first time perform their new show for 2012. 10 Zoukers from Oman and Dubai will join them in Prague and there will be four crazy theme parties, so you can expect plenty of funny pictures soon! More information on the official congress website:

Prague is also a beautiful historic city and our hotels are located right in the city center in walking distance to monuments, the river and huge parks to enjoy the mild spring weather.

There will be no Zouk classes in Dubai between 28th March and 2nd of April. For all the Zoukers in the Middle East who could not make it to Prague: the next chance to see them perform is at the Abu Dhabi Salsa Festival from 26-28th of April 2012: