Visiting Instructors: Alisson & Audrey

Profile: Alisson Rodrigues Sandi & Audrey Isautier

Alisson hails from Brazil, São Paulo. His arrival into Perth, Australia has blown the top off the Latin dance world in Perth. He has made himself an integral part of the Juan Rando Dance Academy as the main Brazilian dance instructor where he teaches Brazilian zouk, samba de gafieira, Argentine tango, salsa, forró and axé. Alisson is also qualified in Salsa on1 and on2, bolero, tango, soltinho, West Coast swing, cha cha and more. Having taught a variety of these styles in Brazil and performed them around the world he is a great asset to the dance studio in Perth.

After just one year of arriving in Perth he travelled and performed at the Sydney Salsa Congress 2008/2009/2010 and at the Malaysian Salsa Festival 2008/2009 along with competing at the Australian Salsa Classics 2008 as the representative from Western Australia. He has taught in Singapore and Malaysia introducing zouk into the community in 2008 and 2009, which turned out to be a highly unexpected success! Thus bringing him back to Singapore and Malaysia and other countries throughout Asia many times since to teach both zouk and introduce samba de gafieira.

2009 brought many new adventures for Alisson. He was invited to perform zouk at the Sydney Salsa Congress 2009 and to choreograph and perform a zouk item for the Australian Dance Festival 2009. His talent has taken him to the 2nd Annual International Brisbane Salsa and Brazilian Dance Congress (2009) to teach and perform with his partner and his zouk group. Alisson then spent 2 months in Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand teaching, performing and choreographing. While in Singapore, Alisson choreographed the first zouk team in Singapore (for Two-Left Feet School). In 2010 Alisson was also invited to teach, perform with Audrey Isautier (from Reunion, now based in Australia) and DJ for the Brazil Central Congress 2010 which is the biggest brazilian dance congress in Australia and around.


Alisson has created Brazuka, the Brazillian wing which he heads for Juan Rando Dance Academy. He is an aspiring and ambitious man with a forward view towards making the Brazillian Rhythms a huge success everywhere he goes.