Berlin Zouk Congress 2011

Zouk Dubai Founders Samantha & Nayan performed their latest Zouk show for the first time in Europe at the 2nd International Zouk Congress in Berlin from 2nd  to 5th of June 2011 and gave a workshop as well. This was a milestone in promoting Zouk Dubai internationally as many dancers in Europe only then got to know that there is such a big Zouk community existing in Dubai.

Nayan and Sam impressed with their teaching and dancing skills and established closed ties with the main Zouk Organizers across Europe and were invited to perform at the Amsterdam Zouk Congress in August as well. We will encourage our students to get international exposure and join us at Zouk Congresses in Europe and elsewhere and in the world and in return invite the Zouk dancers from abroad to attend our upcoming Zouk Festivals in the Middle East.

Watch a Zouk Demo by Samantha & Nayan at the Berlin Zouk Congress: