Founder & Head Instructor: Nayan de Abrew

Nayan comes with a professional martial arts background. He started learnng Karate when he was 15 years old. He was the Under-19 National Champion in Karate (Fighting) 1998 in Sri Lanka and won the Gold Medal in a Common Wealth Karate Championships representing his country. He started learning Latin dances in 2005 and because of his martial arts back ground Nayan found it was much easier to adapt to his new found passion.
Nayan started learning Zouk Lambada in 2008 with Larissa Thayane and Kadu Pires. Later he spent hours mastering this amazing dance with the best Zouk instructors in the word such as Alisson Rodrigues Sandi, Adilio Porto, Freddy and Andressa, Clinton Lacerda and Kamacho from Brazil.


Nayan introduced Zouk to Dubai in early 2009. Since then he has performed Zouk Lambada and conducted many Zouk workshops in the Middle East, Asia, U.S.A and Europe. Nayan has performed and conducted workshops at the Berlin International Zouk Congress, Amsterdam Zouk Congress, Prague International Zouk Congress, Zouk Devils Summer Weekend in Spain and the Salsa Festivals in U.A.E and Oman.

Contact details:

mobile +971 50 2705047
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Instructor & Organizer: Raminho

Raminho is practicing martial arts for more than 15 years. He participated and won many national championships – in Middle East and India. He is also training students in the UAE for the national championships.

Besides the sports he loves Latin dance. He has performed and taught Salsa before now he is totally in love with Zouk. He is a fast learner and has joined Middle East Zouk Festivals as well as the 2014 IZFM performance team in Dubai. In 2015 he dedicated more time to Zouk and was to be trained as an instructor by Zouk Dubai. In 2016 he took over the organization of our weekly social nights and also started teaching the beginner group classes.


Contact details:

mobile +971 50 2794129
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Instructor & Website Admin: Kathe

Katharina came to Dubai in 2006 and started dancing Salsa and Bachata. When Nayan and Sam started Zouk, she immediately got converted and learned with them as well as from visiting instructors such as Alisson, Adilio, Freddy & Andressa. Kathe was assisting in the regular classes and helped organizing events. She has set-up and maintaining the Zouk Dubai and Zouk ME websites, sending reminders on mailing lists and social networks, creating marketing material and does video editing.

Kathe performed in several Zouk Dubai flashmobs (BBC Good Food Awards, Banking Event, Mondelez, IZFM 2012 & 2013). She visited many international Zouk festivals since 2011 (Amsterdam, Berlin, Prag, St.Petersburg, Mataro, Dresden) as well as being the Zouk ME group organizer for regional festivals in Abu Dhabi, Oman and Fujairah. Besides teaching the regular courses in Dubai, she is also assisting in teaching private classes with Nayan.


Contact details:

mobile upon request
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Nayan’s Dance Partner: Kristina

Kristina started dancing Salsa and Kizomba and then fell in love with Zouk. She did a one year intensive training with Nayan to learn the Zouk techniques as well as taking private classes from instructors in Rio de Janeiro. Nayan and Kristina prepared a new show together in 2016. She is accompanying him at regional and international Zouk congresses to assist in workshops and perform with him.